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We work with businesses, software developers, internet retail stores, music venues, galleries, musicians, writers,  film-makers, graphic artists, painters, fashion designers, and many others.

Authors make content and consumers need content. While this sounds like the perfect business opportunity, its realization into a mutually advantageous transaction is often elusive. You can have a mutually advantageous transaction if you use the rules of copyright, which are specifically designed to facilitate transactions involving works of original authorship.

We will help you follow the rules so businesses can get back to selling, and creators can get back to creating. More specifically, we can do the following:

  • decide whether copyright is an appropriate mode to protect the work
  • suggest any appropriate intellectual property protections to complement copyright
  • register the copyright
  • draft and negotiate licensing contracts
  • complete transfer of ownership transactions
  • determine duration of copyright protection, or whether a work is in the public domain
  • assure compliance with copyright formalities to preserve all tactical advantages involved in infringement actions
  • solve issues relating to technological measures that circumvent copyright protection systems
  • advise on best practices for internet businesses
  • provide up-to date consulting on emerging digital technology copyright issues
  • resolve infringement disputes out of court through negotiations
  • send cease-and-desist letters
  • respond to cease-and-desist letters
  • commence infringement suits when appropriate
  • defend infringement suits